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In the year 1985 the Periyar IAS and IPS Coaching Centre in Chennai with the avowed purpose of enabling youth from the disadvantaged society gain entry into the premier civil services.

ThanthaiPeriyar E V Ramasamy, the legendary humanist and social revolutionary, was instrumental in getting the amendment [Article 15(4)] made to the Constitution of India which empowered the state to provide for reservation in public educational institution for students from the backward classes, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. Periyar was convinced that the lot of the down-trodden could be improved only by upgrading their educational level and intellectual caliber.

52 + IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS Officers
12K + State & Central govt.jobs winners
33+ Years of Coaching

With this view Periyar formed a public charitable trust in 1952 and bestowed all his properties on it. Following his footsteps, Tmt.EVRManiammai founded a public charitable institution by name PeriyarManiammai Educational and Charitable Society and endowed her properties to it. After the passing away of the two legends, the responsibility of running the two legends, the responsibility of running the institutions passed on to Dr. K. Veeramani, the dynamic but unassuming leader.

Dr. K. Veeramani has given these institutions new dimensions and fresh perspective. He has made them diversity into medical, educational and other humanitarian endeavours. He himself has set up new educational trusts which run educational institution for the benefit of student from backward rural areas.

Now, forty six institutions in all are being run by the trusts. In the institutions special focus is given to women's education to make periyar's vision reality. The impact of these institutions on the society has been recognized by the Government of India. It has awarded them ISO 9001:2000 Certificates.

Why Periyar IAS Academy ?

  • This is an institute started with a clear Service Motive.
  • Facility of a library with 20,000 books , A.C. Digital rooms Guides with 30 years of experience
  • Coaching can be offered on payment of fees once , till they pass out. (For UPSC only)
  • Facility to study in the Class Rooms even outside the Class Hours.
  • Twice monthly a session for clarification with the former candidates who are now employed , is offered .


The Academy draws its inspiration from the teachings of Periyar, the great social reformer, and strives for uplifting the downtrodden and women. It was established in 1989 with the purpose of coaching aspirants, especially from the disadvantaged sections of the society, for competing in competitive examinations. It has been coaching chiefly for Preliminary examination for UPSC and examinations for Tamilnadu Public Service Commission over 25 years now. A good number of its students have qualified over the years and they are occupying senior level positions in many organizations contributing significantly to the cause of social justice. It places special emphasis on coaching women aspirants and they have justified the trust placed in them by reaching senior positions in significant numbers and contributing positively to social welfare.

From its inception in 1989 the Academy has made steady progress. A number of aspirants who got trained here have emerged successful in the Civil Services Examination (CSE) over the years.

52 + IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS Officers
12K + State & Central govt.jobs winners
33+ Years of Coaching

Its faculty is considered among the best. With long experience in this line behind it, it gives learned inputs in a systematic way. Coaching is not confined to lecture sessions only. Group discussions, report preparation and presentation and debates are all part of the schedule. Efforts are under way to make the coaching to still more effective through innovative means and better equipment.

The Academy held model tests in General Studies, CSAT and Optional Subjects regularly. Other means for testing out the effectiveness of the coaching were also used. Thus, quiz programmes were conducted in all the subjects, providing scope for immediate correction of misunderstood points.

The Academy has a well-equipped library. The aspirants are welcome to give suggestions for its further augmentation.


  • The coaching in the Academy is chiefly for the Civil Services Examination (CSE).
  • For the Preliminary Examination the Academy gives coaching for General Studies and CSAT.
  • Besides, the Academy gives coaching for the Main Examination - General Studies with the optional subjects: 1) History 2) Geography 3) Public Administration 4) Tamil Literature.
  • Coaching will start in December and will go on till August. The coaching will be intensive. It will be for four hours every day, from Monday to Friday. The sessions are conducted from 2.00 to 6.00 pm.
  • The Academy engages well qualified and competent faculty who are very experienced in this line. Coaching is given through lectures and, in workshop sessions, through modes like exercises, group discussions, quizzes, debates and seminars.
  • The other modes are participative, interactive, and very often competitive. To enable this, study circles will be formed, with aspirants of different backgrounds in each circle. The idea is to promote interaction and self-learning through discussions and group study.
  • The workshops will be faculty-guided. The effort in them is to make the aspirants recall what has been taught though lectures, and augment it though self-learning and group study. The stress will be on reinforcement, further learning and communication., from Monday to Friday. The sessions are conducted from 2.00 to 6.00 pm.
  • The Academy shall be frequently conducting quiz session on the subjects. Quiz is an effective way of coaching and testing. Being competitive, it evokes a good deal of interest and makes learning a fun-filled activity. Besides, there will be periodical tests on the pattern of the CSE (Prelims)., from Monday to Friday. The sessions are conducted from 2.00 to 6.00 pm.
  • Group study comprises three components: discussion on the topic in the study circle, preparation of report/ paper by the circle and presentation of the report in a seminar to the whole batch and the faculty. Every times a different member of the circle shall present the report and files the questions. The presentation may also be in the form of a debate, one circle presenting a viewpoint and another disputing it. If, on evaluation, the report is found below par, the circle will be asked to prepare a fresh report.
  • In order to improve public speaking skills, a weekly session called "Student Talk" has been designed. Every week a certain number of students are detailed for the talk. The aspirant is required to talk/ debate on a general topic of his choice from among those selected imaginatively. Every such topic involves serious thinking and shuns superficiality. The talk is subject to evaluation. Below par performers shall be asked to repeat.
  • With a view to prompt the aspirants to read newspapers regularly, analyze important issues and have informed opinion on matters, a quiz session called "The World Last Week" shall be conducted every week, competitively between the study circles. Besides, each study circle shall be required to prepare a paper on current affairs every month and circulate it among other study circles. The focus here is not on superficial information, but on in-depth analysis of news.
52 + IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS Officers
12K + State & Central govt.jobs winners
33+ Years of Coaching
  • The Academy will arrange lectures by guest faculty on – the social, cultural and political history of Tamil Nadu, and – the movements for freedom, human dignity and social justice in India as a whole and in Tamil Nadu in particular.
  • The Academy is particular that the civil service aspirant should be evolved human beings. Towards this end, it will give input on aspects of personality development like positive attitude, inter-personal relations, communication, public speaking, creativity, motivation and leadership.
  • The Academy invites young officers who have qualified in CSE in recent years to interact with the aspirants. Such interactions have greatly benefited the aspirants on crucial issues like selection of optional subjects, preparation for examinations and facing interview panels.
  • The coaching in the Academy has been found by the aspirants useful not only for the CSE but also for other competitive examination. They have found it to enhance their general capabilities, and equip them well to face job interviews.

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