Why Civil Service Examination (CSE) ?

It gives the best opportunity to prove yourself and serve the nation. CSE has been, and continues to be, one of the most competitive and prestigious examinations in India. Through it, one can aspire for top posts such as Chief Secretary, Director of Police and Chief Commissioner of Income-tex.

Why failure in spite of best efforts ?

Many aspirants fail, or clear in multiple attempts, not because they did't do hard work. Majority fail because did't adopt the correct stategy and did't focus on what qualities/ skills/ priorities the exam demands at each stage.

Why IAS institute?

Unless an aspirant interacts with teachers and good seniors, it is difficult for him/ her to know the right way to go ahead, and avoid mistakes which may prove fatal in the final exam. It is a pity that many don't get the opportunity of being guided by good mentors through their preparation.

Which is the best strategy ?

There may not be any single or unique strategy to clear the exam. One should carefully analyse the nature of nature of the exam and chart his/ her own course and strategy to succeed.

Why is it very difficult to succeed ?

Have a glance at the competition. Every year, nearly 10 lakh aspirants apply for the exam. Only two-thirds of them actually appear in the Prelims. Of them, some 15,000 (depending on the number of vacancies arising in that year) are selected for the Mains. They are among the brightest in the country. Out of them, nearly 2000 are called to the interview and finally around a thousand may get appointed to various services.

What is needed for success ?

A combination of all these:
  • A. Determination to get into the civil services and perseverance till one clears the exam.
  • B. Urge to acquire knowledge and enhance one's awareness (GS and optional)
  • C. Good expression and presentation skill (in Tamil or English depending upon the medium of the candidate)
  • D. Analytical skills (ability to analyze a given issue in all its dimensions, pros and cons, etc. and to arrive at a satisfactory solution).
  • E. Time management.

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