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Current affairs 27 November 2019


PSLV- C47 to be launched on 27th of Nov, from Sathish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota.

It will carry the earth observation satellite and 13 Nano satellites of USA.

Features - 1625 kg; Mission life - 5 yrs.

The satellite will be able to see objects which are 25cm from its orbital point.

Purpose - Large scale urban planning

                Rural resource and infrastructure development

                Coastal land use and land cover.


Battery operated tricycles - initiative for door to door collection of garbage.

Chennai Corporation launched these tricycles on Tuesday (Nov 26th).

Public sector banks like SBI have funded the project. 

Purpose -  to improvise solid waste management.

Segregated waste will be used for the purpose of composting in 700 parks across the city.



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