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Current affairs 2nd December 2019

Shivamagga residents salam monkey park plan :

         They fear it may result inpread of  diseases

 Fearing that the establishment of a monkey . park near human habitation may trigger diseases such as (KFD) KYASANUR FOTREST DISEASES  

   The village here are in the forest fringe area and are there by Vulnerable to KFD a Viral infection -HEMORRHAGIC FEVER transmitted from monkeys to human through Tick bite there is fear that such a monkey park 


operation clean art was the first pan india opeartion to crack down on the smuggling of Mongoose Hair in the country. There are six specieas of mangoose found in India : 1. Indian Grey , 2. Small India , 3. Ruddy, 4.Crab-eating , 5.Stripe necked , 6. Brown mongoose.  Regional Deputy Director Widlife Crime  Control Bureau (wcccb),new Delhi. under the wildlife protection act 1972. mongoose is listed in schedueII part 2 of the wildlife protection act . Its body part is a non-bailable offense . It is a staturary body. under the misnstry of environment.


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